Famous Tik Tok Stars, Challenges, And Hacks Are Put To The Test Of TikTok Expectation Versus Real Life.
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There are so many great TikTok stars out there that it can be hard to choose a favorite! But some of them are totally different in real life. Paige Neimann is known for her resemblance to pop superstar Ariana Grande, but have you ever seen what she looks like without makeup on? Sebastian Bails won’t even think about stepping in front of the camera without putting on two hours worth of makeup on. Beast Eater is known for her crazy style but when she’s not on the app she looks a lot more subdued. Charli D’Amelio seems confident but behind the scenes she deals with a lot. There are some great beauty hacks out there but then there are some ones that are totally fake like using toothpaste to whiten your hair. You may want to think twice before trying to order off the secret Starbucks menu or trying to unlock a car door with a tennis ball. Piercing Roulette might sound fun in theory but it’s led to some serious problems for a few app users. A weighted blanket can help relieve a lot of stress but it can also cause more problems if used incorrectly.

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