Hey trouble, Lunar Eclipse is excited to share our first cover of the new year with Red Velvet’s “Psycho”! We hope you enjoy our dance cover and original visuals as much as we love this song and comeback. We also wish for a healthy and fast recovery for Wendy. Hey now we’ll be ok! (Dancers in the description!)

Dancers | @instagram
Irene - Angela | @angela.esque
Joy - Aaron | @aaron_equinox
Seulgi - Sarah | @sk.gif
Wendy - Lena | @1enaverse
Yeri - Jillian | @jellojujubejilly

Aaron | @aaron_equinox
Sarah | @sk.gif
Jillian | @jellojujubejilly

Miguel | @miggy._.smallz
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This video is used only for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music or choreography.


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