Kpop female idols protecting others from wardrobe accidents

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time stamps of each Kpop group
Gfriend - 0:16
AOA - 0:28
TWICE - 0:47
EXID - 2:28
MAMAMOO - 3:06
Red Velvet - 3:50
SNSD - 7:21
Apink - 9:06
Tara - 9:27
I.O.I - 9:39
WJSN - 9:45
DIA - 10:02
Oh My Girl - 10:15
Bonus - 10:27

Kpop idols included

Gfriend Sowon helps Eunha with her outfit
Gfriend Yerin helped Sowon with her outfit
Aoa Jimin helps ChoA with her outfit
Aoa Chanmi helps Seolhyun with her outfit
Twice Mina helped Momo with her outfit
Twice Jeongyeon helped Tzuyu with her outfit
Twice Jeongyeon covers Dahyun’s leg while on a crazy ride.
Twice Jeongyeon gives Jihyo a blanket to cover her outfit.
Exid Hani’s dress was long so Nayeon and
Jeongyeon helped her to prevent her from falling.
Exid Hani gave Mina & Sana cushions to cover their legs.
Exid Solji helps Hani with her outfit
Mamamoo Wheein helped Hwasa with her outfit during a wardrobe malfunction.
Mamamoo Moonbyul helps Solar with her outfit
Mamamoo Moonbyul helps Solar with her outfit
Mamamoo Moonbyul helps Wheein with her outfit
Mamamoo Moonbyul helps Hwasa with her outfit
Red Velvet members always hold up a blanket
for each other when coming out the car.
Red velvet Wendy helps Irene with her outfit
Red velvet Wendy helps Yeri with her outfit during RBB (really bad boy ) dance
Red velvet Wendy helps seulgi with her outfit
Red velvet Seulgi helps Joy with her outfit
Red velvet Irene gives Yeri a blanket to cover her legs.
Red velvet Yeri helped Seulgi with her outfit
Red velvet Yeri covers a fans skirt
Red velvet Irene helping Joy walk in her heels.
Snsd Seohyun holds down Tiffany’s skirt
Snsd Taeyeon helps Seohyun with her outfit
Snsd Tiffany helps Taeyeon with her outfit
Blackpink Jennie changes her dance move to cover Jisoo’s legs.
Apink Eunji lift Chorong’s cardigan.
Apink Namjoo helps woman with her outfit
Tara Jiyeon covers IU’s leg with her jacket.
I.o.i Doyeon helps sohye with her outfit
WJSN Eunseo helps Cheng Xiao with her outfit
DIA Chaeyeon gives away her cushion
and uses her top to cover herself.
Oh my girl Jiho helps YooA with her outfit
Baekhyun tells Chanyeol his zipper is undone.

Hope you enjoy this video of cute moments where Kpop female idols protect others idols from wardrobe accidents

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