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I make you break
You move I take
Love is the answer so they say
But if I went away
What would you say
Would it be enough to make you stay

As you look to the exit
I don’t even know why I’d do this anymore
I know, there’s things I should know

And I know you can’t accept
She’s the love that I kept
Scared I’ll push you away
But I love you everyday
I know there’s things you should know

I’m in love not because I want to
She’s become something that I got to see
Wont you just stick around with me

Oh and darling,
I mistake intent for better days
While you mislead me in different ways
I don’t think this is how it’s to end.

Is it the answer?
Is it forever?
I need to show you
Something about you

Recorded at Amplop Records
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Bonar "Lifecicla"

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